"Your extra time in incorporating our theme into your program was GREAT (caps their's)! We would highly recommend you to others! Your thoroughness, promptness, enthusiasm, stage presence, and entertaining style were greatly appreciated and effective!"
~ Blackfoot Public Library

"Like Johnny Carson on a bad monologue night, John is often funnier and more magical when things don't always go exactly right or when a participant (usually a youngster but not always) decides to go a different way than expected. This is when [John] absolutely shines." ~ Jim Drury, pastor

"Funny, entertaining, teaching lessons without the audience catching on, very nimble and quick, adapts to audience responses to keep things positive." ~ Linda Drury

"Your shows are great, and always looking forward to the next one." 

"We were stunned and amazed!" 

"John (J.W.) Stevens' Magic Show was one of the best I've seen. Full of humor and audience participation. What a great evening!!!" 

"You engaged the children so well.  The teachers were amazed!"

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